Locale Umloud Problems Cron

If you run scripts to handle text output by cronjobs your perhaps get problems with umlouds „ÖÄÜ“ cause they are displayed by „**“.
This is a problem cause cron uses „C“ setting as locale, you can test it by setting it into root crontab:

open crontab from root with:

$su - root
$crontab -

* * * * * locale

This will mail cron’s locale echo to the mailbox of root! Read root’s mail!
After tests remove the locale entry at crontab!

Howto fix for Scripts:

open crontab from root with:

$su - root
$crontab -e

insert (for German):


for US:

Backup your PC with Linux Full Disk Snapshot Free Tool with Diskdump

Today a User is forced to Update daily his System or change anything to try new Software.

But here mostly the Users run into very BAD PROBLEMS. I got often Calls that Users lose the control of the PC after Updates, Software Setups, Software Removal’s ..

For this Linux offers a default Backup Tool, called Diskdump („dd“ command) which is on every Setup/Recover CD and Installation.

Before any Changes do allways a Backup to USB Drives, Sticks or Second SATA Disk! This will save you TIME, Money, DATA and Nerves!

Backup :

Mount the Disk 2 on Path /mnt as „root/sudo“ user (must have free Space like Disk 1 better more!)

mount disk

then start Backup Disk 1 everything to Disk 2 as IMG Image, bs set the speed disk to disk 10MB/s is a secure value!

dd disk dump backup

Restore :

To Restore a damaged PC, plug your second Disk into the PC, boot from Setup CD, Press ALT-CTRL-F1 (or open Gnome-Terminal)

Mount the second Disk again on /mnt with „root/sudo“ User

mount disk

and start the restore with dd from Disk 2 – IMG – Imagefile to Disk 1, enjoy a long coffee break…

restore disk linux dd

After Command close without Errors or other Messages, reboot and go on working…


Remark: This is a Block to Block Backup and Restore, with Snapshots. These IMG Snapshots can be saved on Disks, moved over Network, burned to DVD or mounted like a DVD on other Linux Systems to access the Files for emergency!


Ubuntu Debian: Setup on older Hardware NO UEFI Workaround Black Screen No Boot

Todays current Hardware Bios uses a new Software Interface to boot. Thats called „UEFI

Newer Linux Versions Support this Hardware Setup by default!
BUT these settings makes users (Newbies/Office Users) mostly impossible to setup the System on older Hardware, cause the „Setup Routines“ does not detect the older Bios! Here the User must interact manual to force the Setup! Cause the Setup tries to create a Harddrive Partition with a seperated UEFI Partition! See „parted“ output on Console! Now if your Setup is made and you Reboot a older Non-UEFI PC you run into „Black Screen“! Especiallly if you setup a „Full Disk Encryption“ with Luks!!!

uefi linux partition
uefi linux partition


  • Boot the PC on the Ubuntu/Debian CD
  • Press „Tab“ on the Boot Menu of the CD
  • Enter „noefi“ behind the Kernel Boot Code Line (… noefi quiet splash ) and Press CTRL+X to Boot now
  • Setup your PC and reboot, now he should be able to boot.

German Howto Wiki for Details (external)

Remark: How Secure a FAT32 Partition is, is a unknown secret. I dont like UEFI! Cause a Attacker could try to destroy the EFI Partition and you lose control.. Firmware is the most attacked Goal on IT not the Operating System !!

Ubuntu 13.04 Bug: gvfs smb Nautilus freeze hangs on copy files from a Samba Share

gvfs-smb Bug #1075923 (seen on Debian+Ubuntu+Centos..more..)


downgrade gvfs-* to Version 1.12 of 12.10 with:

  • add /etc/apt/sources.list

deb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu precise main
deb-src http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu precise main

  • run: sudo apt-get update
  • install synaptic: sudo apt-get install synaptic
  • run synaptic: sudo synaptic
  • remove all gvfs-* nautilus with synaptics (REALLY CHECK ALL! see „dpkg -l | grep gvfs“)
  • search gvfs-*, select, press CTRL+E (Force Menu)
  • select: gvfs-* Versions 1.12
  • install by run install button
  • search and install nautilus again..

Voila…Test Nautilus copy 1TB Files without freeze