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Convert WordPress Blog into Static Websites

For some reasons you want to convert your WordPress with Linux Tools into a Static Website: low level Hosting no SQL + PHP for higher Security Then open a Terminal and enter into a Text Editor: nano wp2statis.sh: #!/bin/bash wget \ –recursive \ –no-clobber \ –page-requisites \ –html-extension \ –convert-links \ –restrict-file-names=windows $url-of-site exit 0 Advantage? wget runs on most WP-Themes low Load on the convert Process Script can be used to run by Cron automaticly every Night !

WordPress Themes SEO Rating

If you use WordPress for a Blog and you think about a Theme Change for a new Look you should now some points: Check new Themes for available Updates Check new Theme for User Feedback Check new Theme how often its downloaded, if often used Search Engines can handle the code Check the new Theme some Weeks and control active the Ranking on Search Engines (like Webmaster Tools), cause bad readable Code is ranked down or broken internal links and bookmarks can forward robots into nirvana Check the new Theme on various Browsers, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Mobile Browsers and […]

Backup daily WordPress Drupal Script

If you use Drupal or WordPress and you have a virtual Server with SSH Login you should set up a daily Backup Script to have a Snapshot of your Blogs if Hackers insert SQL Code Injections or hack PHP Sites. Cause you cant NEVER know every EXPLOIT of every used Plugin (here less plugins is more!) Of course you can daily or hourly RESTORE AUTOMATIC by CRON your Blogs by OVERWRITE bad inserted STUFF! Howto? Article comming soon !!  .. sorry have current not enough time..   or read my Wiki for MYSQL and WordPress Help! Daily or hourly restored […]

Linux Support … verbindet Menschen weltweit …

Was kann Linux fuer Sie tun, ausser das es kostenlos ist ? Hoehere Leistung gegenueber einem Windows Betriebssystem auf der selben Hardware (bis zu 30 % mehr Leistung) Enorme Stabilität (365Tage x 24 Stunden ohne Neustart) 100%ige Administrierbarkeit über jedes Netzwerk ohne Zusatzsoftware Hoehere Sicherheit gegenueber Windows-Viren und Wuermern Enorme Flexibilität des Betriebsystems Sehr hohe Anzahl von kostenlosen Programme ( über 2500 >) Basis Konzept für Webserver Applikation L-A-M-P -SERVER ( LINUX + APACHE2 + MYSQL 5+ PHP7 ) für jede anspruchsvolle Anwendung Sie koennen Ihre alte Hardware wesentlich laenger weiterverwenden (Lebenszyklus Linux PC 7Jahre/ Windows 3Jahre) Freie Software-Lizenz, keine […]