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Android: Upgrade Downgrade Kindle Fire Firmware Bug

If you use a Amazon Kindle Fire 2015 (45$) Generation “Ford” or other Android Tablets,Smartphones you must know some MAJOR Informations about the Firmware Handling. If you were asked by the Fire OS or Android to “Upgrade” the Firmware OS, DON’T PUSH YES it without READING DETAILS! I prefer ALWAYS NO FIRST! Use ALWAYS a SDCARD to hold the MAJOR Data of your Tablet, cause if bricked or damaged you can’t pull off the DATA!!! Android Firmware Images INCLUDE not only the OS, it includes DRIVERS, and the MAJOR BOOTLOADER!! Cause Android Devices use no real BIOS!! If you Upgrade, you […]

Ubuntu: Release Change

If you use Ubuntu on your Systems, you perhaps read last weeks about a new Release Version. I am often asked, must i upgrade now? My answere at first is not really, cause the new Versions are not cleaned up by all bugs and the User or Admin must recheck against the new advantages of the new Releases for production usage. I prefer to wait 3 Month after a Release by Ubuntu is published. But if you setup a very new Hardware your are often forced to take the LAST Release Version, cause it supports newest Hardware Chips by the […]

Upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

It’s always the same problem with upgrade, cause deep changes it is recommend to make a clean fresh setup of your PC with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. Steps: – backup Home files to a USB Disk / Stick without hidden folders!! – format PC with Ubuntu Install Disk and make a fresh setup (Professionals take alternate disk!!) – at Laptops with encrypted Disk make /var at same partition as root (/)!! – change wanted settings like wireless/lan/speech – update Ubuntu with Update-Manager!!!! and reboot!!! – copy back Home Files to /home without Setting files and old cache(.*-Files) – now test your […]