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Linux: Active Desktop for Linux Xserver openbox Meteosat Active Desktop Wallpaper Weatherstation

Problem: If you use Linux for your Desktop perhaps you miss the “Active Desktop” of Windows Internet Explorer to see changed Web Images? Solution: To show Web Images on your Desktop (xserver) you can use program called feh, you will need NO Browser very good for Meteosat Thin Client use or Debian Linux on a Flash Disk 1GB use. With feh smallest debian install possible no hal and no dbus or consolekit needed. sudo apt-get install feh create a small script at your home folder echo '¬†feh –bg-center http://oiswww.eumetsat.org/IPPS/html/latestImages/EUMETSAT_MSG_RGB-naturalcolor-centralEurope.jpg' > /home/yourname/background.sh edit crontab with crontab -e insert : @hourly ¬†Display=:0.0 […]

Small Linux on Thin Client 32MB Disk

Problem: If you have bought a Thin Client Terminal, you lost updates after some years, cause the manufacter closes the support, or you have to pay for the Upgrades. Solution: To reuse the old Hardware take a closer look on www.tinycorelinux.com There you find a very small modular Linux. You must not buy new Hardware! Tinycorelinux runs on x86 (Intel/AMD/Via) Hardware with a current 2.6 Kernel inside a RAMDISK.   Preferred Applications: Kiosk Internet Box Internet Radio Netbook with full ThinClient Support for High Security Travel (Company’s) Internet PC Office PC Fast energy saving embedded PC with ramdisk Use SSH […]