MYSQL: Default Basic Table Structure WordPress

If you use WordPress and have tested some plugins and removed them later, it is possible that you have much waste tables still inside your database.

  • First do Database Backup with MySQL DUMP
  • Then check it enter the mysql console as your mysql admin user and do:

$mysql -u mysqladminusername -p

mysql > use databasename;

mysql > show tables;

System echo:

| Tables_in_wordpressdatab  |
| wp_commentmeta            |
| wp_comments               |
| wp_links                  |
| wp_options                |
| wp_postmeta               |
| wp_posts                  |
| wp_term_relationships     |
| wp_term_taxonomy          |
| wp_termmeta               |
| wp_terms                  |
| wp_usermeta               |
| wp_users                  |
12 rows in set (0.00 sec)

If this default structure is seen the plugins tables are removed correctly.

If not do, delete waste tables with:

mysql > drop wp_old_plugin_table_name;

logout with „quit“ and test the WordPress Blog with logins and handling.

Remark: You never know what changes plugins inside your database do, the authors are unknown by yourself! Less is more secure!

More Details of WordPress Tables Basics Details

FreeBSD Linux: Remove Clear GPT Partition Table from drives

Problem: FreeBSD 9 use GPT Partitionlabel by default to remove with Linux do:

fdisk message: WARNING: GTP (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sdX'
The util fdisk isn't support GPT.

do on console:
sudo parted /dev/sdX

mklabel msdos (Enter Yes!)

now use Linux fdisk to recreate a new partion Table