WordPress: Secure Faster Effective Blogging

If you use WordPress or a other CMS for daily blogging, it’s useful to have a own User Acount on a PC.


  • Own Browser for Blogging with saved Passwords
  • Own Link Bar for quick switching between the Social Media Platforms
  • You won’t need to open Security Holes like API Software Interfaces for used Plugins
  • Speeds up the WordPress Blog cause reduced Plugin loads
  • You have the full control. cause most free API Plugins save your Passwords on foreign Servers
  • One touch Bookmarks let you jump fast between the Social Media Platforms
  • No Data are automatic transfered without your knowledge
  • Alternate you can setup three different browsers for each Social Media Platform one Window.
Wordpress Fast Blogging Secure
WordPress Fast Blogging Secure

Facebook: Use Socialmedia without App Install Safe Battery Lifetime

If you use facebook and the facebook-messenger try to remove these apps cause they alway scan YOUR DEVICE permanent for NEW Files and watch for YOUR updated DATA. These Apps CREATE Indexes and upload this to the dark Facebook Cloud Servers.  This kills your battery capacitiy!! mostly 50% of online time!! and destroy’s your PRIVACY! and blow up your ROM at your Mobile Device


  • Use a small browser like builtin webview of Android or firefox
  • Enter http://m.facebook.de to connect yourself to the fb-network
  • This saves much energy and you are NOT permanent scanned!!

Try and test it one week, i did with two identical phones and was impressed about the results