Rasperry Pi: SD Card Partitions Layout Noobs Backup Restore

If you use a raspberry pi for projects which is shipped with a 8GB SDCard it is very useful to know basics about the root, file and recovery system on the preinstalled card.

  • Major Basics about the Partitioning you find here
  • To save time the raspberry pi offers possibility to run a Full Backup if the pi is ONLINE! Cause the OS is running from RAM like Live Mode!
  • For Backup you need a USB to SDCard Reader with Adaptor Micro SD to SD, and a second SDCard i use 16GB Class 10
  • Plugin the new SDCard into the Adaptor and into the Reader and connect to the raspi USB Hub
  • Open Terminal and run  Full Backup $sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/dev/sda bs=1M
  • Take a Cup of Coffee and wait..~17000sec/8GB  after finish plug off the SDcard Adaptor and keep save
  • If you want to migrate from 8GB to 16Gb Card do a dd-dump and replace the Card inside the pi, after sucessful boot on the 16GB Card, you can allocate a fresh 8gb primary partition with $sudo fdisk /dev/mmcblk0 and do $sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/mmcblk4 (cause noobs place it into 4!!)

Noobs Partition Layout:


  • A firmware upgrade will override the recovery.img on partition_1 too
  • Prefer a full recovery reset  after a raspian version upgrade! (wheezy > jessie)
  • A Kernel Only upgrade can be runned with $sudo rpi-update NO OS UPDATE!
  • Backup can be started over SSH Login to, here you need a program called „tmux“ to hold the process online on disconnect!

Android: Remove builtin Bloatware without hacking rooting or root-firmware

Last Weeks i got a new Smartphone, it offered 8GB Rom for OS and Apps. Iam not a real fan of rooting, cause i didnt write/change the firmware, i found a other way to tune the System:

Amazon Kindle Fire 2015 Ford

  • Dont insert a SIM CARD!
  • After first Boot DONT CREATE a Google Account!
  • Then go i to Apps Manager at Settings and try to disable all unwanted Apps! By default the Manufacterer install a very small and Basic App-Links which is updated later by the Playstore to a newer and much bigger one! Most Apps are min 50%-80% bigger than the factory Apps.
  • The disabling Apps can boost your Boot too, cause the android scan and load all apps into a ROM-CACHE! in historical usage! If Apps often hangup this CACHE must be cleaned by Rescue Boot! (Pressing and hold Power On and Volume Up Button, later a Menu appear to clean the ROM Cache!!)
  • Try to look for Mobile Pages of the wanted Apps mostly they are same like the Apps but does not scan/track YOUR DATA on the ROM Drive
  • If you use more Android Devices, try to use one for download via the Playstore, backups the APK-Files to SDCARD and install the apps manual to the other phones WITHOUT PLAYSTORE connect!
  • If you use a 4GB ROM Model install a second 16GB SDCARD to move or link all Apps + APKs + Files + Photos on the SDCARD!
  • Under pressing on the „Android Build Number“ more than 7 touches!! You can enter Developer Mode where you can disable Settings like Display alway active at load and other useful settings like disable Window Animation
  • Later reboot the device and test all settings!


  • Unknown Root Firmwares could break your Security!! Be Careful!
  • If rooted do NEVER use Logins for buy platforms or banks!

Linux: Translate Boot message of cryptsetup „Enter passphrase to unlock the disk“

Problem: If you setup a full encrypted Laptop with the Linux Installer the first Boot Message of cryptsetup is always in English Speech shown „Enter passphrase to unlock the disk“ /dev/sda


  • edit the
    ,with nano, find and change the text to your Language
  • edit the
    ,with nano ,find and change the text to your Language
  • update the initramfs of the current kernel with
    update-initramfs -u -k all
  • reboot and test the translated login