WordPress: Replace or Purge Text on all Posts by mysql

If you have to remove a link, text or else on all wordpress posts pages with same signs like the „read more“ tag do:

 mysql -u dbadmin -p 

– enter password
– change database by:

use databasename

– run change command(SET „more-tag-source-html-pre“ WordPress reformat the output here! ):

mysql > UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE (post_content,'<!!--more-->',''); 

– System Echo’s:

Query OK, 88 rows affected (0.01 sec)
Rows matched: 706 Changed: 88 Warnings: 0

Facebook: Use Socialmedia without App Install Safe Battery Lifetime

If you use facebook and the facebook-messenger try to remove these apps cause they alway scan YOUR DEVICE permanent for NEW Files and watch for YOUR updated DATA. These Apps CREATE Indexes and upload this to the dark Facebook Cloud Servers.  This kills your battery capacitiy!! mostly 50% of online time!! and destroy’s your PRIVACY! and blow up your ROM at your Mobile Device


  • Use a small browser like builtin webview of Android or firefox
  • Enter http://m.facebook.de to connect yourself to the fb-network
  • This saves much energy and you are NOT permanent scanned!!

Try and test it one week, i did with two identical phones and was impressed about the results


Review and Testing Ubuntu 10.04 on Thinkpad R50p

Today i setup Ubuntu 10.04 on my old Thinkpad R50p

Short Review:

  1. console-kit-daemon more than 30 threads unsolved bug since 9.04 – bad –
  2. fast nice easy Setup Dialog – good –
  3. does not Support fglrx ATI 3D Drivers – bad –
  4. fast Boot
  5. new Gui-Desktop with changed Window Buttons on left – bad –
  6. NO HUMAN Theme Design now its purple „New AGE Design“ – very bad –
  7. ALL Drivers work out of the box – good –
  8. faster Operation on same Hardware – good –
  9. faster Opensource Madwifi Driver (ath5k) – good –
  10. NO TEXT BOOT MODE!! remove Bootsplash „plymouth“ replace Custom-„mountall“

If you have free time and free disk space you should try the new Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.
It comes with some good new Programs for social Communication. If you want speedup
the boot remove „plymouth“ the new Boot Splash replaces usplash but be ware you must
replace „mountall“ with a special mountall paket!! go ubuntu-bugs to get it here
This allows you to run lucid without Bootsplash much faster!! (like Server)

Gnome Ubuntu schwarze Fensterrahmen minimieren black window frames minimize


  1. to speed up Window minimize disable black frames
  2. run a user #gconf-editor
  3. go /apps/metacity
  4. enable reduced-resources
  5. close gconf-editor
  6. go Desktop->System->help technology (handicappted)
  7. enable help technology
  8. ready.. now gnome windows speed up and do not show a black frame at open minimize