WordPress: Why less plugins is more?

WordPress is a well known Blogging Platform to publish your Content to the world. But after some years of analysing of my Webserver Logs i remarked that a lot of used plugins produces more errors on inside linking than i would like to have. I could not explain why the Search Engines run into Errors or dead ends if they scan via the bots the Content. I didn’t realize that the plugins were the bad factor.

If you see same problems you can start up analyse your Blog for free with these steps:

  • Go Plugins disable all uneeded Plugins like Cache, Tags .. and check that the Cache Folder is empty on your Webspace!! Have seen that trash is always there if i disable or remove the plugins.
  • Go Settings, Reading, General and save all Settings again! If possible reset to WordPress defaults
  • Check URLs Settings! http / https, i prefer https cause google does rank it higher than http.
  • Check URLs of Images / Media Content, purge external Content!! Againt’s copyright violations!!
  • Purge outdated Posts!
  • Checkout if some older Plugins Functions are now integrated into the new Version of WordPress by default. If this happen purge the plugin! Cause Search Engines don’t like double tagging or linking, this can by calculated as Spam be the Search Engines.
  • You should know less plugins offers more Security, cause most of them are made by one developer (one man show like openssl bugs)
  • Try to use wordpress like more default, this offers you the security that bots can grab the page easy without errors.
  • Cache Plugins can speed up wordpress on low end Webspaces, but the static page creation can be a risc if the Plugin crashes on Caching and save destroyed Pages on the Cache Folder!
  • Run WordPress on a Webspace where you have full access to Logs and the Webspaces, that you can control and purge bugs by hand.
  • Check weekly Logs and if you use Search Engine Webmastertools for free.
  • Use a easy loadable and readable Theme, cause longer Load Times are ranked down too!

Now you know why less is more , have fun with blogging..

Raspberry Pi: Raspian disadvantages of embedded OS

The last 12 month have been a „golden“ time of the upcomming embedded linux devices, but the custom OS’s offers some problems, you should know for projects:

  • embedded PC’s like the ARM based pi2 / pi3 uses a own compiled OS
  • not every known debian package is available
  • not all compile scripts to rebuild are available on git
  • slow performance can let you run into unuseable problems (heat, load, I/O), correct written scripts run into freezes without any error made by you!
  • you should take time for a closer look at buying them
  • calc the costs of non-x86 systems, later you cant often upgrade, cause embedded systems are not made for
  • dealers take too much money for less performance!
  • embedded devices can’t be grown up for additional precs like compression based on chips!
  • embedded devices need less energy, but can hangup by load over 65%, cause no cooling
  • the are made for learning and small control jobs
  • for NAS / Server jobs take x86 m-atx / micro-atx, cause you can access easy full debian packages
  • not all python + libs packages are available to run projects (example: acd_cli amazon cloud nas backup)
  • current embedded pc livetime at multimedia usage may be 24month cause to much and faster changes

May be that the arm os package trees may grow up, then we can talk again, but current x86 is the cheapest way to build systems without stress! And you have always the reserve to buildin new things of hardware..

Fritzbox: DHCP-IP Problems

Problem:Probleme mit IP-Adressvergabe ueber DHCP, wenn auf dem gleichen Rechner unterschiedliche Betriebssysteme laufen 

Wird ein Rechner mal unter Linux und mal unter Windows betrieben, so kann es passieren, dass der Rechner unter einem der beiden Systemen keine IP-Adresse mehr zugewiesen bekommt.

Waehlt man sich per Telnet auf der Fritzbox ein, so sieht man dort die Fehlermeldung „DHCPD no lease found“. Um dieses Problem zu vermeiden, muss der DHCP- Client unter Linux wie folgt korrekt konfiguriert werden:

Loesung :
In der dhclient.conf des Client-Rechners muss „send dhcp-client-identifier 01:Error-Report: Under the fritzbox router is a Bug appeared

If you run two different OS on one and the same pc, working with DHCP-Clients, the router will stop sending the updated ip addresses to the pc, cause its logged in leases-file.

To solve it edit dhclient.conf and add lines above with the pc mac address-forcing, clear data inside multid.leases and reboot the router.