Android: Get back Privacy and Security

If you use a Android Smartphone (other Mobile-OS same) you should take a minute to get back your privacy and security!

This points helps to prevent, but there is no warranty for 100% protection!

  • First every Smartphone offers a Factory Reset, search it on Settings and DO it! This prevent you from Firmware Spam by the Reseller! (Samsung, HTC..)
  • Boot the Phone without inserting a SIM card, create a fake account to get Updates and Software over a PUBLIC WIFI Network (Coffee Shop, Freifunk)
  • Install wanted Apps, then go to Settings now to accounts, PURGE the fake account.
  • Disable / Purge Apps on the Settings, of Apps that you never will use.
  • Check on Settings which App is running by timer, if not needed disable it.
  • Check Webbackup Apps and disable or prevent them from calling home, (Default builtin Android Firewall)
  • DON’T setup your REAL Email Account which is used for Home Banking or Online Shopping, CAUSE the OS is open like a Swiss Cheese with holes! (Less Updates by Manufacterer) or to PROTECT your phone from being hijacked by a E-Mail Virus
  • Encrypt the Phone, and SET Screenlock with Password longer than 8 Digits, same on SIM Unlock Code!
  • Backup the Smartphone by USB Cable Monthly to a full encrypted PC!
  • If you are not a newbie, look for Browsers like icecat-apk on the Open Source F-Droid Shop which are more secure
  • Try Tor Browser later! For more Security!
  • DON’T Enter words, names, numbers who are CONFIDENTIAL! Cause Smartphones are like papers on a public table without real protection!
  • Try to use the „Quick Switches“ of the „Screen Pull Down Menu“ of the Home Screen where Data, Autosync and Flightmode can be used.
  • If you use Messenger Apps check their Settings to disable Download of „Video, Images, Files“ this can be a Backdoor too!
  • Disable „Video Autoplay“ on Apps like G+ or Facebook.
  • Use every App with a own fake Account.
  • NEVER leave your Phone on a public table, cause the USB Port is always open and AUTO Connect every plugged in Cable!
  • Put a black Strip on the Camera lens if you don’t need them! especially the Front Camera!
  • Call your Phone Provider, to disable the transmission of MMS/SMS! This prevent Messages with bad links.
android account removal
android account removal

WordPress: Change User Password manual on mysql prompt

If you don’t want to use Passwords generated by wordpress itself, you can do it manual on a MYSQL Console


  • Login to your Webserver with the Database via encrypted SSH!!
  • Login to the MYSQL Server Conssole with

$ mysql -u username -p

  • Enter Password, and change database with

mysql>use database-name-of-blog

  • Now Set Password for the User

mysql>UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass = MD5('NEWPASSWORD-16-DIGITS') WHERE user_login = "THEUSERNAME";

  • System shows Echo:

mysql> ok.. Changed 1 Row..

  • Quit

mysql> exit

  • Logout of SSH

Change System Crypt Password Debian Ubuntu LVM Full Encrypted System

The new NEW Password must be set before you delete the old!

– open Console!
– Login as root! with #sudo -s
– enter #cryptsetup -y luksAddKey /AddKey /dev/sdaX
– System prompt for old Password, enter it now!
– then enter new password min 8 Characters
– System should show „Command Successful“
– if not search error!!!!
– now delete old Password! 8 different Words can be saved! cause 8 Memory Sockets available by cryptsetup
– enter to delete #cryptsetup luksDelKey /dev/sdaX 0
– 0 = First-Memory Socket !!
– enter new set Password to open Socket-Database
– System must show „Command Successful“
– If you on one day lose GRUB Bootloader boot with
Install CD and take Recovery Mode this allows you to
reach and encrypt Disk! But only with successful password

Do ALWAYS full encrypt EVERY Mobile PC/Laptop! you get it
easy with Debian-Install-CD – Expert-Mode! (Fast-Setup 12Minutes)
Office PCs should be encrypted too!

For Super Security google for USB-Tokens for Linux! You can setup
this Token and Password to encrypt Systems!

Cause a PC / Laptop is cheap but your Data/private Images are priceless!!

smbpasswd changes samba password and unix password too

Problem: At newer Linux Setups with Samba 3 by default smbpasswd changes the user unix login password and samba share password.

For higher security i prefer different passwords like on debian SARGE


  1. edit as root /etc/samba/smb.conf
  2. enter
    unix password sync = no 
  3. restart samba
    /etc/init.d/samba restart
  4. set new different passwords for a user with
  5. check passwords..working