Ubuntu Vivid: Things you should change after fresh setup

If you Setup Ubuntu 15.XX on a PC there are a few things to change:

open a Gnome Terminal an run (# Comments):

  • $sudo apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade #Pull Updates
  • $sudo adduser CrazY12U$ERNAME # Create a crazy Username (Standarduser, no sudo, no lpadmin) for daily work! to prevent social engineering Hacks
  • $sudo chmod 700 /home/* # to prevent that other users look into each other homes! (check root home to „ls -l /root)
  • $sudo passwd root # SET long Password (min.15 digits) for the root User to prevent PC recovery Console Access without Password!!! Keep Password save!
  • $sudo apt-get install gufw  #Installs Firewall Dialog to easy setup a Firewall
  • $sudo apt-get install midori chromium-browser # to have 3 different browsers to open stream sites with plugins same time
  • $firefox -P #to create a Firefox Profile on Path /tmp which is deleted after every reboot, cause /tmp is on tmpfs (RAM)
  • $sudo apt-get install pidgin # to use pidgin chat (icq+facebook..)
  • $sudo apt-get install cpufrequtils #Auto sensing the CPU frequency to the load
  • $sudo apt-get install rsync # to sync home to a NAS Server in your Network over ssh encrypted! with „$rsync -av /home/user/ server:/home/user“
  • $sudo apt-get install gimp # to get a good Photoeditor
  • $sudo apt-get install filezilla # to have a nice FTP/FTPS-Client
  • $sudo apt-get install cups-pdf # to print notes/Websites from Browser into PDF document files for offline read (Paperless office)
  • $sudo apt-get install ssh # to have a secure remote access to your PC from everywhere (open incomming Port 22 with gufw)
  • $sudo gedit /etc/sshd/sshd_config and change:

AllowUsers yourusername #to allow only one user to login!!
PermitRootLogin no #disallow root to login!!! 
PasswordAuthentication no # disallow login without passwords
#if you have a ssh-pub-key!! then..
PubkeyAuthentication yes
AuthorizedKeysFile  %h/.ssh/authorized_keys

Remark: If you have a SSD/fast HDD in your PC you should setup Linux with full encrypted Disk Setup! My Howto easy to do and offers steal protection! (Laptops)

FreeBSD PCBSD and DesktopBSD easy Setup for Beginners of Unix

If you have a older PC and have learned Linux you can have a closer Look at the new OS of PcBSD or DektopBSD



Its a easy way to learn „real Unix“ and understand the structure of a Unix OS, you can setup all kinds of BSD Unix on a very high count of different hardware. The most popular programs of Linux can be used here too, many commands are like linux commands and you can compile always the newest programs onto your System for the highest performance instead of pre-compiled software like redhat-debian-packages (.deb/.rpm)