Security: Disable USB Drive mount for Users

If you share your Systems and you want to disable USB Drive connects there is a small solution. By default the gvfs Service handle all automounts and drive scans. On old Linux Systems you could purge the complete gvfsd „Backend“ but Ubuntu-Desktop forces some pakets to the default Desktop Package! If you purge it the working Desktop can be destroyed!

It’s easier to disable the „USB Drivers“ called Modules from load on Start! Cause Rules are „Software“ and can FAIL unknown!!

Howto? Edit the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and add:

blacklist usb_storage
blacklist uas

Update initramfs (Kernel Image)

update-initramfs -u -k all

Now try to plugin USB Sticks , they should now be ignored!

To enable USB Drives temporaily do:

$sudo modprobe uas

Now the USB Stick should be able to mount for root!

Advantage? No gvfs, org.freedesktop rules or package deps are touched!

Remark: On Laptops DISABLE all USB Devices for Security Reasons! There should now „Fake Keyboard“ or „Fake Mouse“ be able to enter the Systems!!! (USB Kill Sticks)

Ubuntu: Unity Bug Minimize Windows freeze Unity Desktop 15.04

Bug: Minimize Windows freeze Unity Desktop 15.04

Solution: If you use Tweaks to disable or hide the Desktop Icons which are displayed by Nautilus Filemanager Unity is often freezing on maximize or minimize the Windows of Apps like Firefox or Chromium-Browser. This is NO Compiz or Graphic Chip Driver Problem! Its seen on Intel HD, Radeon or Nvidia Graphic on „fresh“ Systems!

No Log Entry’s are made!! by the System, User must often hard reset the PC or restart Lightdm Login Manager on Console!!

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04: Nautilus hangs freeze Desktop at FTP SFTP mount

System: i386 Lucid Lynx default setup

Problem: If you try to mount a local ftp share Nautilus stops working by loading files of a folder like 100 Images

Solution: Remove Samba-Common and Nautilus-share with

#sudo aptitude remove nautilus-share samba-commone –purge

try now ftp mount..this bug is reported and unsolved

Automount Problem USB HDD Ubuntu Nautilus

Problem: If you use a USB HDD Disk at you Ubuntu PC and Nautilus does not Automount the disk then check the USB-HDD for „Bootable“ Flag


  1. open console
  2. run
    #sudo fdisk /dev/sdX
  3. enter
    to check
  4. if no star is set for „bootable“
  5. then enter
    (set)and enter
  6. replug the USB-Disk
  7. now after some time the USB-Disk must be connected by Nautilus
  8. mail me for problems…thanks