Ubuntu Snap on Bionic 18.04 Reasons

If you upgrade or install Ubuntu to 18.04 the last and current LTS Version you have may asked yourself „what the hell is snap loop device?“

Easy Snap was hidden built in to print MONEY, sure?? YES see manpage snap.. “ BUY A SNAP !!“

.. its a new try to get money since Amazon Shop Link implementation.. like others from Appstores..

Howto get rid off? Removing of snapd with purge app Apps by deps..

# sudo apt-get remove snapd --purge

Some may ask do i need snaps? No cause most packages still live at the debian apt repository

Snap Shop of ubuntu:


If you want to learn and config Linux use apt..

Ubuntu 12.04 Bug High Prio : Grub 2 grub-pc hangs on reboot timeout not working

Prio 1: Set to Prio 1 cause it prevent a remote ubuntu Server from Boot without interactive root access to the Grub 2 Boot Screen !!

Problem: If you do a release upgrade to ubuntu 12.04 use grub-pc and have a seperate /boot partition (sda1) then your server won’t boot without you pressing enter at the grub2 grub-pc menu.

Background: this is a older known bug of a header skript template.


  1. for Servers you should remove grub2 and install grub
  2. or make changes with

sudo nano /etc/grub.d/00_header

make_timeout ()
cat << EOF
if [ "\${recordfail}" = 1 ]; then
set timeout=-1
set timeout=${2}

change to:
make_timeout ()
cat << EOF
set timeout=0

recreate /boot/grub/grub.cfg with:
sudo grub-mkconfig
sudo update-grub

..now cross fingers and reboot the PC/Server..hope it will boot up!

REMARK: MY published security tip against init destroy by crashes setting at /etc/fstab to mount /boot partition readonly should NOT used on ubuntu 12.04 cause a file named grub-env is updated on every boot for a function named failover stamp, which prevent the timeout to auto boot a crashed server (lost power), cause the root must be manual touch the grub to boot a server to repair mode called „single mode“ or „rescue mode“.