Debian Linux Wheezy: Partitioning 3TB Hard Drives with GPT Table (fdisk show 2TB max.)

Problem: On Debian Linux the brand new 3TB SATA Drives only seen as 2TB Drives by fdisk

Background: GPT Partition Table must be used as new technology


  • install „gdisk“ the GPT Tool for big Drives with #sudo aptitude install gdisk
  • clean the new Drives first Table Headers with #sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb count=1 bs=512
  • run now #sudo sgdisk /dev/sdb
  • Command is „sgdisk“ not „gdisk“ = its Paket Name
  • same on other Linux/BSD Systems on Windows use Paragon Tools
HDD Layout
HDD Layout

FreeBSD Linux: Remove Clear GPT Partition Table from drives

Problem: FreeBSD 9 use GPT Partitionlabel by default to remove with Linux do:

fdisk message: WARNING: GTP (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sdX'
The util fdisk isn't support GPT.

do on console:
sudo parted /dev/sdX

mklabel msdos (Enter Yes!)

now use Linux fdisk to recreate a new partion Table