Speed up Ubuntu Disable Window Animation Black Frames

Today i setup the Ubuntu on a AMD64 PC cause i want to
see the news that are arrived.

I always wait some month after the OS release appears!!

The new 9.10 Ubuntu should always be installed with new
clean install, cause there are too many changes behind the
desktop! It seems like a big change from XP to Windows 7!

To speed up the Desktop, i use a 7600GT Card, i disable all
Gimmicks at System-Settings->Window-Appearances and enable
Support for handicapted users (first box) and relogin!! to
get changes.

now to get more speed i run as user
go apps
go metacity
select „reduced-resources“

Voila…no animation,speed minimize and maximize..

Logoff Button Gnome Desktop Knopf Abmeldung


  1. Create a new Application Button with Mouse-right-klick Menu
  2. add at command line
    gnome-session-save --kill
  3. and now take you loved icon at /usr/share/icons/
  4. it is very good for Kids PCs or public Internetstations cause you can remove the Systemmenubars


  1. Mit dem Kontextmenue der Maus einen neuen Starter Knopf am Desktop erstellen
  2. aus /usr/share/icons das Logoff Icon aussuchen
  3. in die Komandozeile
    gnome-session-save --kill setzen

Gnome Ubuntu schwarze Fensterrahmen minimieren black window frames minimize


  1. to speed up Window minimize disable black frames
  2. run a user #gconf-editor
  3. go /apps/metacity
  4. enable reduced-resources
  5. close gconf-editor
  6. go Desktop->System->help technology (handicappted)
  7. enable help technology
  8. ready.. now gnome windows speed up and do not show a black frame at open minimize