Debian Ubuntu: Openbox Lxpanel Bug „Abmeldebefehl ist nicht definiert“ „Logout command is not set“

Problem: If you install Openbox with lxpanel instead of LXDE and the User Profile is created after first logon, lxpanel config files are not created


Solution: Klick right with the Mouse on the lxpanel-settings, go tab advanced, set exit command =

 openbox --exit
, save and close

SME Server config by console

SME Server is controlled by a extra Runlevel 7 of Linux (Default Linux has 6 runlevel).

SME Server set the Runlevel 7 control with some database files located at /home/e-smith/db
to set your configuration you have to login with ssh (Putty) as root/admin
and enter:
#db configgroupname command dbfilename setting status
for example:
#db configuration show cpuspeed
SME Server answere to you:
to change the service to enabled enter:
#db configuration setprop cpuspeed status enabled
thats all…
db commands are:
db configuration show /to show config of Runlevel 7
db accounts show /to show user+system accounts
db hosts show /to show hosted domain names

to save you settings enter:
#signal-event console-save
play a little bit the db command and you learn to use it..

Change Default Browser on Debian Ubuntu Linux to Opera

run as root/sudo:

#update-alternatives --config x-www-browser

System shows:
Auswahl Alternative
1 /usr/bin/iceweasel
*+ 2 /usr/bin/opera

Enter: 2
relogin into X-Server/Desktop and Opera is default!