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Centos: Release 5 now „end of life“

On 2017, March 31th the official Release End of Version 5 is reached. This also touches SME Server Version 8.1.

  • If you use this you must now upgrade the Webserver to the next Version.
  • Checkout which last version offers latest Options like PHP7, MYSQL 6 ..more
  • Checkout that you current Content PHP Kits Support the new OS Options (PHP7)
  • As Remark you should do at first a FULL BACKUP of your DATA!! see here
  • Save manual the /etc folder to Backup, dump crontabs and firewall settings! (ufw)
  • Setup a fresh OS if you are not a Professional Admin cause to prevent old Config Files wasting the OS!
  • Restore all Backups, set crontabs, set firewall settings
  • Check the new OS with hardening default linux tools like „nmap“, „arp-scan“ or „systat“ .. more
  • Check daily the Logs of the OS, auth daemons, Webserver Logs, Database Logs.. all Services you installed!
  • If you run into problems „white pages“, checkout the PHP5 to PHP7 Release Change Notes and Changes
  • Backup the fresh OS again..

..enjoy the new Webserver Setup..