Openbox: Quick Keyboard Shortcuts Internet Mail Run Command

Problem: If you want to work faster with your Openbox Desktop you should use Keyboard Shortcuts for often used Programs like Internet, Mail and Run Command box.

Solution:  edit as user $nano /home/user/.config/openbox/rc.xml insert

#Fullscreen CTRL+F11
<keybind key="C-F11">
      <action name="ToggleFullscreen"/>
#RunCommand with gmrun on X CTRL+R
<keybind key="C-R">
      <action name="Execute">
#Internet Key with chromium CTRL+I
<keybind key="C-i">
      <action name="Execute">
#Internet Mail with icedove CTRL+M
<keybind key="C-M">
      <action name="Execute">

save and relogin into openbox..enjoy economy working..

Remark: Its powerful on small Netbooks or Laptops cause you don’t need to use tricky Touchpads!

Logoff Button Gnome Desktop Knopf Abmeldung


  1. Create a new Application Button with Mouse-right-klick Menu
  2. add at command line
    gnome-session-save --kill
  3. and now take you loved icon at /usr/share/icons/
  4. it is very good for Kids PCs or public Internetstations cause you can remove the Systemmenubars


  1. Mit dem Kontextmenue der Maus einen neuen Starter Knopf am Desktop erstellen
  2. aus /usr/share/icons das Logoff Icon aussuchen
  3. in die Komandozeile
    gnome-session-save --kill setzen