Android: Upgrade Downgrade Kindle Fire Firmware Bug

If you use a Amazon Kindle Fire 2015 (45$) Generation „Ford“ or other Android Tablets,Smartphones you must know some MAJOR Informations about the Firmware Handling.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2015 Ford

  • If you were asked by the Fire OS or Android to „Upgrade“ the Firmware OS, DON’T PUSH YES it without READING DETAILS! I prefer ALWAYS NO FIRST!
  • Use ALWAYS a SDCARD to hold the MAJOR Data of your Tablet, cause if bricked or damaged you can’t pull off the DATA!!!
  • Android Firmware Images INCLUDE not only the OS, it includes DRIVERS, and the MAJOR BOOTLOADER!! Cause Android Devices use no real BIOS!!
  • If you Upgrade, you can RUN into BIG TROUBLE! Broken Drivers like no WIFI connect, freezing Screens on Boot, or BRICKS like the „BLACK SCREEN of DEATH“ which destory the Tablets cause you can’t reach the BOOTLOADER for RECOVERY MODE and SITELOAD the FIRMWARE again!
  • UPGRADES to bigger Version Releases like 5.1 to 5.3.X CAN’T be DOWNGRADED! Cause the DOWNGRADE don’t force overwrite correctly the BOOTLOADER, or leave the NEW BOOTLOADER untouched which can’t find the old KERNELS Names!
  • As MAJOR INFO you should know that the „adb shell tool“ is a DEVELOPER TOOL which doesn’t ASK anything to confirm, if the Firmware File is wrong or damaged! It flashes without any testing and any protection check! YOU have to KNOW what you ENTER!
  • You can’t reach anything, if the Tablet is BRICKED and you can’t reach the RESCUE MENU MODE! Cause NAND Chips need a connect from adb shell tool to USB then to EEPROM Chip!
  • To be sure prevent the Tablet from reaching the Amazon Update Servers by blocking the Domains on a Blacklist at the Home Router
  • A pulling out the Battery, does often NOT HELP on Tablet! You often don’t need to open the Case for this try!
  • If you can, buy Tablets, without Bloatware, but with SDCARD Connector, with a more basic Android called „Stock“ OS (have seen this on cheap No Name China Tablets)
  • Check the Internet Media for Hardware Infos which Hardware allow easy root access, some Manufacter allow this like Fairphones with special opened OS.
  • For Kids usage purge the Amazon Account on the Tablet, this prevent unallowed Setups
  • Android Firmware EEPROM Chips mostly glued onto the Mainboard, if the Firmware writing fails the device is a toaster.. no normal User can plug out the EEPROM Chips to flash them outside!
  • Opened Tablets can be seen here 

.. never change a running System.. if you MUST not..


  • If someone find a Solution to flash the NAND chips without the Recovery Mode then mail me please!
  • This Firmware Handling is the SAME on all Android or Embedded Devices like Openmips, Openwrt Routers ..

MYSQL: Default Basic Table Structure WordPress

If you use WordPress and have tested some plugins and removed them later, it is possible that you have much waste tables still inside your database.

  • First do Database Backup with MySQL DUMP
  • Then check it enter the mysql console as your mysql admin user and do:

$mysql -u mysqladminusername -p

mysql > use databasename;

mysql > show tables;

System echo:

| Tables_in_wordpressdatab  |
| wp_commentmeta            |
| wp_comments               |
| wp_links                  |
| wp_options                |
| wp_postmeta               |
| wp_posts                  |
| wp_term_relationships     |
| wp_term_taxonomy          |
| wp_termmeta               |
| wp_terms                  |
| wp_usermeta               |
| wp_users                  |
12 rows in set (0.00 sec)

If this default structure is seen the plugins tables are removed correctly.

If not do, delete waste tables with:

mysql > drop wp_old_plugin_table_name;

logout with „quit“ and test the WordPress Blog with logins and handling.

Remark: You never know what changes plugins inside your database do, the authors are unknown by yourself! Less is more secure!

More Details of WordPress Tables Basics Details

Linux Green IT: Basics to save Energy and Resources

Problem: Every User today read a lot of articles on the Net about Green-IT, but the basics are often forgotten!


  1. Current Office PCs and Servers need a lot of Energy at the Offices
  2. Current and new Operating Systems need more and faster Hardware
  3. The Industries blow up Applications and Online Webpages with animated Applets you never need
  4. Current Hardware produce more and more heat, which you have to cool


If you want to go the right way at your IT Future then do remark these points:

  1. Plan your IT Future detailed !!!!
  2. Make a sheet of all needed Software Applications you want to use daily
  3. Go online, search for the manufacter detailed Datasheets of Hardware and check them for power, noise and heat values, if not detailed offered the DONT BUY IT !!
  4. Buy your low powered, cool and low noise Hardware
  5. Create a Testing System PC or Server and check the real data against datasheets for power, noise and heat with equipment tools, if there are wrong values then send it back to reseller !!
  6. Remove unneeded Hardware Parts, like CDROM, PCI Cards,Wireless Cards… everything needs power
  7. Now take a closer look at your needed Software for installed size on disk, ram usage, licence costs
  8. Search for smallest replacements of your used Software, don’t install it or remove unneeded parts
  9. You don’t need a big Office Software Package (up to 4000MB Data ) to type Letters or eMails daily
  10. Green IT Basic is use a smallest count of „Bits and Bytes“
  11. On Linux install a „netinstall“ System with smallest Size
  12. Install a light Window Desktop Manager without any animations!
  13. Check Ram Usage, remove unneeded Packages
  14. If you can recompile Applications without unneeded Modules
  15. Removing unneeded Applications and Widgets tune up Speed and Security

Green IT Convention:  „Green IT is the Science and Know How to reduce the Code lines of Computer Applications“