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How can Linux help you, beside that it is free?

  1. It spend you very much more speed on the same hardware like windows (up to 30% more)
  2. Extreme stable software for running machines on 365days/24hours without any reboot
  3. 100% to configure and monitor over network, without special commercial software
  4. Much saver against viruses and worms then windows os’s
  5. Includes up to 2500 software pakets, ready for quick install
  6. Good Base for your own L-A-M-P-Web-Server, for highend webservices
  7. Hardware lifetime is much longer cause you needn’t change hardware every 3years, you can use your server much longer (Lifetime Cycle Windows 3years-Linux min. 7 years)
  8. Can replace your windows servers for print, file share and webhosting unnoticed by your users
  9. It’s allowed to edit/make changes inside the software und windows forbidden by license
  10. Extreme Security Server Systems and File Services for your needs (Full Encrypted Technology)

Support Expertise:

  1. Support for  Debian Linux
  2. Support for Ubuntu Linux
  3. Support for Centos – Redhat
  4. Support for FreeBSD
  5. Support AIX Unix IBM
  6. Support for SME Server
  7. Support for Cobalt Linux
  8. Openwrt Router OS
  9. Support for Blueonyx Server Linux (Replacement of old Cobalt – Linux)
  10. Support for Windows Server
  11. Webdesign and Consulting
  12. Building of Webservers, Workstations & Bug Search
  13. Webhosting for Internetsites and  Service
  14. Network Customizing, Internet Security, Server Hardening
  15. Webcamsolutions for public, touristic and security Areas
  16. Consulting and build of new low power GREEN IT PC’s & Servers
  17. Daily Bug Diagnostics and Reports on my Blogs
  18. Creation of  Server Manuals and Service Books (English)
  19. Free nonprofit Linux Training for Kids!
  20. Consulting of all Companys to replace current Software to free Tools

Support Pricing:

  1. Free nonprofit Service! why? Easy to say Linux is made by free humans for humans around the planet and i can learn from the problems and projects.
  2. Without this Linux did never get the high rank on the world and big Company’s did never use Linux like IBM,Volkswagen,Schools and Universitys.
  3. Albert Einstein told decades ago.. who doesn’t wanne learn daily .. who dies..


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