Tor : A must have Network

If you and your Family are often online, you have to take care of them, cause much Companies are scanning and tracking all activities!

  • use a secure Browser like  Tor-Browser or Icecat with https-Everywhere Plugin
  • purge Java Plugins and Flash if not needed
  • use a small external Linux Privoxy Server with Tor Client Gateway (like “onion pi”) a old PC is also good
  • use a second Router with Firewall behind your ISP Modem Router as extra Filter
  • setup privoxy to force HTTPS without Plugins! If the Browser “Software” Plugins fails!
  • disable direct access at the second Router to Internet from all Family PCs, cause Privoxy can do it for them
  • more howto’s read and Security Infos

get Tor and peace 

Hardening Home Internet: get access filter firewall for child protection

Today every new Hardware like PCs , TV, Smartphone, Tablets is connected thru wifi with the Internet.

But howto stop these devices from calling home? Filter Access? Get safe browsing?

  • Setup a small PC (raspberry pi)
  • Install privoxy package, enable it to offer service 8118 on LAN+WIFI
  • Customize the user.action file and add, save, and restart privoxy:

{ +redirect{s@http://@https://@} }

  • this set all traffic from http to https!
  • to Filter Sites EDIT /etc/hosts file to forbid perhaps  *
  • disable all LAN devices to use the DSL-Router as DNS! Set PI’s DNS!
  • install bind on the pi
  • Block on the Router all LAN devices to connect direct to the internet (child protection 100% to full)
  • set the pi-privoxy as proxy to the LAN devices!
  • control settings!
  • to this you can install “tor” agent to connect save to the tor network! but disable EXIT-Relay set to *.*!!

forward-socks5   /      .
forward         192.168.*.*/     .
forward          127.*.*.*/  .

  • This obove lines at to privoxy config to connect privoxy with tor!
  • start tor on debian with $sudo -u debian-tor tor &
  • Monitor the tor agent with “arm” (apt-get install arm) command $sudo -u debian-tor arm
  • Monitor Internet Connections live in REALTIME with “$sudo iftop -I eth0” tool (apt-get install iftop)
  • Set on TV’s or smart/kitchen hardware the DNS to, then home calls purged!!

Now all Services are relayed thru privoxy, who remove ads, then forward to anoymous tor network! with ONLY HTTPS Access!!!