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FreeBSD: Clicking noise Harddrive SATA WDC WD5000LPVX SATA 3 Drive on FreeBSD 9.1

FreeBSD: Clicking noise WDC WD5000LPVX SATA 3 Drive on FreeBSD 9.1 same like in Linux: APM Funktion starts/stops the heads and make click sounds, not needed on a Server. To disable like in Linux with hdparm on FreeBSD do: If you want to disable APM (Advanced Power Management) on your hard drive to reduce heads movements and increase your hard drive life you can do that very easy by using ataidle app from FreeBSD’s Ports: cd /usr/ports/sysutils/ataidle make install clean; rehash Then to disable APM on your hard drive run: ataidle -P 0 /dev/ad0 We can start ataidle app at […]

Linux Tip: Split Console Screen on Widescreen Laptop / PCs with “screen” and “terminator”

Current Laptops / PCs uses 16:9 Widescreen Displays and if you dont want to use Xorg (Gnome,unity,Openbox Desktops) you can use on Linux Console the program called “screen” it offers: – Split Consoles horizontally and vertically – disconnect the screen and let the scripts/commands active on remote Systems – reconnect if the remote Session was broken cause network problems On Gnome or unity you can use “terminator” see: – manpage of screen –

Linux Info: UEFI + GPT + Secure Boot = Dongled OS = Printing Dollars

UEFI+GPT+dongled OS = Printing endles Dollars for PC Manufacter and  M$.   UEFI was offered for “security reasons” but in my opinion the normal users should be prevented by this “UEFI LOCK” to use Dual Boot or remove Windows on owned hardware, in cases of Mainboard failures the Users are forced to buy new Mainboards with OS-Key. Legacy Mode on Bios will disappear in the next generation of PCs than every OS is “dongled” to Hardware like MacOS to their Products…  

Linux: 46″ inch Weatherstation Display with Thinclient PC and Linux OS

With Tiny Core Linux: 46″ inch Weatherstation Display with FSC S500 Thinclient PC and Linux OS connected via DVI-D to HDMI Cable Awesome to see Satellite Images in HDTV Resolution and Full Color all developed by me. YOU NEED NOT to buy a “SmartTV” of Samsung cause the Thinchlient uses open Linux and offers 300% more Performance on Websurfing! No Apps needed no App-Store needed, priceless for free… All You need: – TV with Full HD and HDMI – A DVI-D to HDMI Adapter Cable – ThinClient S500 cheap used on net – Linux, i prefer Tinycorelinux cause 100% […]

Security Warning Sicherheitsproblem: Visa Card Model 2013 with RFID Chip

Sicherheitsproblem Visa Karte Modell 2013: Wie auch beim neuen Ausweis mit RFID Chip besitzt die neue Visa Karte einen Funkchip RFID der die Kartennummer per Funk zur Kassen senden kann. Grund wird eine Umstellung des Bezahlvorganges beim Einkauf sein, Missbrauch ist nun also per Hackersoftware und Smartphone denkbar! Quasi Taschendiebstahl auf 10Meter im vorbeigehen! Tip: Ausweise oder Ausweisbücher/mehrere Karten mit RFID in Alufolie einwickeln! Laut Gesetz liegt im Missbrauchsfall die Beweislast beim Kunden!!! Fachpresse: Link  

Debian Ubuntu: CEWE Fotobuch installieren unter 64bit Linux

Problem: Cewe Fotobuch Software wurde für 32bit Linux geschrieben lässt sich daher nach der Installation wegen fehlender Libraries nicht starten. Lösung: Download der Software von Konsole öffnen (ähnlich Windows Dos Fenster – keine Mausgesteuerte Installation) die Datei Namens setup_Mein_CEWE_Fotobuch.tgz nach /tmp kopieren entpacken des Archives (.tgz) starten des Perlscripts nachträgliche Installation der 32bit Framedateien (Libraries) Copy&Paste: sudo cp setup_Mein_CEWE_Fotobuch.tgz /tmp sudo tar -xvzf setup_Mein_CEWE_Fotobuch.tgz sudo ./ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs-gtk sudo apt-get install ia32-libs lib32gomp1 Unter Suse Linux 64bit sollte das gleiche Problem bestehen, hier mit Yast die 32bit Libraries suchen und installieren. ..und klappt..