Firefox Stop Home Calls

During my last Network Monitoring found out that MANY of „free“ Software calls home permanent


.. if you want to be safe, block all OUTGOING Traffic by a Firewall or local DNS Server and use a Proxy with Auth Mechanism!

Security: Isolated Browser eMail Programs

If you want to be more secure, on Linux you can isolate used programs on different Users! All you need is installed by default!

isolated firefox thunderbird


  • Add a new User for eMail and Browser to the System with:

$sudo adduser mailuser
$sudo adduser webuser

  • now install if not installed by default „gksu“ User Switch

$sudo apt-get install gksu

  • copy now the default App Links to webuser’s Home Desktop, for mailuser enter mailuser’s name

$cp /usr/share/applications/firefox-esr.desktop /home/webuser/Desktop/firefox-esr.desktop

  • edit the firefox-esr.desktop by right click on nautilus or a editor and change command line:
  • old:

/usr/lib/firefox-esr/firefox-esr %u

  • to:

gksu -u webuser -w "/usr/lib/firefox-esr/firefox-esr %u"

  • save and exit
  • Now to test click on the Firefox App Link and a Password is asked! Enter the webuser password and you use Firefox on a isolated Account!
  • Do same for thunderbird eMail Client! that no bad Code can access your Emails!
  • Set the Home Folder rights for webuser and mailuser to 700 with:

$sudo chmod 700 /home/webuser
$sudo chmod 700 /home/mailuser

  • Remark: Same Technics available at Windows or other Unix Systems, alternate use VNCSERVER! a App to run Desktops inside Desktops!
  • Advantage: Programs run on isolated RAM Space!

Chromebook Replacement: Get or build your Firefoxbook with Linux for free

fireboxbook a free chromebook replacement
firefoxbook a free chromebook replacement – Screen after boot

A free Howto to get a free Chromebook Replacement: Called Firefoxbook

Everybody knows a product called chromebook, but you must not buy such a laptop with branded OS! Here is a small  Howto get a similar Laptop with free firefox.

How does it work? Easy, the Laptop boots from Stick or CF-Card to RAMDISK, the firefox profile and cache is always new created at non permanent RAMDISK. The private Mode surpress cookie and other waste. Only the Window Settings are stored (Fullscreen/ F11). After boot the Internet is connected and Firefox is shown on Desktop.

All you need:

  • a Laptop, can be a older one, i prefer Thinkpads
  • a Wireless/LAN Card if not available inside
  • 4GB USB Stick or 4GB CF-Disk with ATA-CF-Adaptor
  • Time to work
  • Tinycorelinux at CD source

Let’s do:

  • Download Tinycorelinux and burn it to CD
  • reboot the Laptop on the CD to tinycore
  • open a Terminal and enter #sudo tc-install
  • follow instructions
  • reboot the Laptop and remove the CD
  • boot the Laptop on the USB Stick
  • check network connection
  • if not available plugin LAN cable reboot again on stick
  • or setup WIFI with the WIFI Manager
  • check internet connection again
  • if the Laptop is online install firefox with: #tce-load -wi firefox
  • NOW!! Create first a firefox profile on the RAMDISK!!
  • do run as tc user #firefox -P
  • create new firefox profilename „tmp“ locate it at /tmp
  • now run as user tc #firefox, close firefox!
  • edit now /opt/.filetool.lst with #sudo vi /opt/.filetool.lst
  • add „tmp/localstore.rdf“ line, close and save
  • edit as user tc #vi /home/tc/.setbackground
  • add line „sh /tmp/tcloop/firefox/usr/local/firefox-official/firefox –private“
  • save settings to USB Stick called mydata.tgz with -b“
  • run #sudo reboot

Enjoy a Firefoxbook with always safe browsing option! On every reboot the old cached data are really lost cause the profile is always placed inside ramdisk and never on chip!

Do always reboot or shutdown without backup by menu, or push only the Laptop Power Button to auto delete waste at poweroff. Other Browsers can be used also (Opera).

Google Search: Goodby Google Search

Wenn Sie auch nach negativen Erfahrungen Google nicht mehr nutzen möchten kann ich Ihnen diese URL als Alternative anbieten:
If you want to use a other Internet Search as Google try this URL as Homepage for your Browser

goodby google search