Android Hidden Location Tracker

If you use a Android device google can track you via scanned and known wifi Networks without any connection! Android scans your area, shops, stores for public wifi networks, via LTE / GSM the OS verify the Data online at Google. As Result Google Maps sends you Popups to VOTE the last visited Places at Google Maps.

That’s all WITHOUT GPS and WIFI connected only LTE/GSM !

Purge Google Account! (disconnect!) and disable all unwanted Google Apps especially Uploaders (Backups) then go Android Settings -> Wifi -> Advanced Wifi Settings!

Disable the „local wifi scan“ option switch at Android!

android hidden location tracker wifi


  • There’s no guarantee that google or other company’s can re activate it again or run the service as hidden tool!
  • No one knows which apps do run this tools at Standby Mode on Background!
  • To be safe remove the Battery of the Phones! or put it into a Metalbox (Copper Faraday Cage)

Android Browser Traffic Waste

If you use a Smartphone or Tablet be sure that the Browser like Firefox, Icecat Opera are not active at „minimize“ mode, if the Website code uses a „auto“ refresh code the Browser will endless load the sites on Background! This burns your Data Limit to zero..


  • Swipe unused apps to Top of Screen!
  • Control by tapping onto the Square Button!
  • Use Data Traffic Control Apps default addon tool of Huawei

Android: Amazon Fire TV replace App Starter

If you have a Amazon Fire TV Stick and you was touched by the „forced“ Firmware Update from to later.

You will see now a full blown Advertisement Screen on Start which plays Advertisements Videos on Scroll down Button (Ads Video Autostart with Tone)

The „New Amazon Bloatware“ Menu:

fire tv menu 2017

Appstarter CLEAN Menu:


  • Connect the Fire TV Stick to the TV and boot the Stick
  • Check Wifi
  • Go to Stick System Settings, check out IP Address of the Stick 192.168.XXX.XXX
  • Enable ADB Development Access at System Settings of the Stick, need some search
  • Enable ADB Install (Siteload) at the System Settings of the Stick
  • Download the Fire TV Appstarter.apk (feel free to donate the Developer!)
  • Start a PC with installed free Android „adb Tools“ (perhaps ubuntu where adb-tools is at the Software Catalog)
  • The PC MUST be on the same NETWORK AREA! Cause connect thru port UDP 5037 and 5555
  • Connect to the Stick via Adb Tools with enter:

adb devices "ipaddressofstick" 
adb connect "ipaddressofstick"

Linux Console Echos:
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
connected to 192.168.1XX.XXX:5555

adb install Appstarter.apk
adb disconnect

  • Goto Apps Area on the Stick System Settings Menu! Start the „Appstarter“ by open from the Settings List!

Screen should now view this CLEAN MENU!

clean fire tv app starter alternative



  • The App isn’t installed with root rights so you must start the Appstarter on every power on of the Stick.
  • But you don’t need to power off the Stick he needs less than 1Watt/hour!
  • If you buy again this Media Stick search for Alternate Hardware! Cause you can’t purge the Bloatware as „non root“
  • Prefer Devices whrere Updates are NOT forced by the Manufacter..

Android: Upgrade Downgrade Kindle Fire Firmware Bug

If you use a Amazon Kindle Fire 2015 (45$) Generation „Ford“ or other Android Tablets,Smartphones you must know some MAJOR Informations about the Firmware Handling.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2015 Ford

  • If you were asked by the Fire OS or Android to „Upgrade“ the Firmware OS, DON’T PUSH YES it without READING DETAILS! I prefer ALWAYS NO FIRST!
  • Use ALWAYS a SDCARD to hold the MAJOR Data of your Tablet, cause if bricked or damaged you can’t pull off the DATA!!!
  • Android Firmware Images INCLUDE not only the OS, it includes DRIVERS, and the MAJOR BOOTLOADER!! Cause Android Devices use no real BIOS!!
  • If you Upgrade, you can RUN into BIG TROUBLE! Broken Drivers like no WIFI connect, freezing Screens on Boot, or BRICKS like the „BLACK SCREEN of DEATH“ which destory the Tablets cause you can’t reach the BOOTLOADER for RECOVERY MODE and SITELOAD the FIRMWARE again!
  • UPGRADES to bigger Version Releases like 5.1 to 5.3.X CAN’T be DOWNGRADED! Cause the DOWNGRADE don’t force overwrite correctly the BOOTLOADER, or leave the NEW BOOTLOADER untouched which can’t find the old KERNELS Names!
  • As MAJOR INFO you should know that the „adb shell tool“ is a DEVELOPER TOOL which doesn’t ASK anything to confirm, if the Firmware File is wrong or damaged! It flashes without any testing and any protection check! YOU have to KNOW what you ENTER!
  • You can’t reach anything, if the Tablet is BRICKED and you can’t reach the RESCUE MENU MODE! Cause NAND Chips need a connect from adb shell tool to USB then to EEPROM Chip!
  • To be sure prevent the Tablet from reaching the Amazon Update Servers by blocking the Domains on a Blacklist at the Home Router
  • A pulling out the Battery, does often NOT HELP on Tablet! You often don’t need to open the Case for this try!
  • If you can, buy Tablets, without Bloatware, but with SDCARD Connector, with a more basic Android called „Stock“ OS (have seen this on cheap No Name China Tablets)
  • Check the Internet Media for Hardware Infos which Hardware allow easy root access, some Manufacter allow this like Fairphones with special opened OS.
  • For Kids usage purge the Amazon Account on the Tablet, this prevent unallowed Setups
  • Android Firmware EEPROM Chips mostly glued onto the Mainboard, if the Firmware writing fails the device is a toaster.. no normal User can plug out the EEPROM Chips to flash them outside!
  • Opened Tablets can be seen here 

.. never change a running System.. if you MUST not..


  • If someone find a Solution to flash the NAND chips without the Recovery Mode then mail me please!
  • This Firmware Handling is the SAME on all Android or Embedded Devices like Openmips, Openwrt Routers ..

Android Browser: GNU IceCat the better Android Browser for you?

If you use Android on your Tablet or Phone, and you like to get back more privacy and security you should take a closer look at the GNU IceCat Android Browser:

Source: (Outside of Play Store)

IceCat need NO Google Account and does not call home, install it and try it. I don’t wanne miss IceCat on my Cellphones

Handling is same like Firefox, cause it’s based on Firefox Framework, but offers more user access.

Android: Reset Phone Data Manager Huawei App

If you use a Huawei Smartphone, you can set the Data Transfer Limit at the Phone Manager App which disconnect the mobile data transfer if the Limit is reached.

But if you want to disable it there is NO RESET OPTION!
This can run you into trouble cause the App disable the Mobile Data Modem (LTE) for data transfer daily by Automatic!

To Reset it go:

  • go Android Settings > App Manager
  • go Phone Manager App (Telefonmanager App) and press delete Data Button right
  • press Stop the App now
  • now the Settings from last Travel are gone!

Reset Data Transfer Limit Manager App Huawei

Android: Disable Screensaver Ads Fire Tablet

If you use a Fire Tablet and you want prevent kids from ads do:

Amazon Kindle Fire 2015 Ford

  • Enable the Developer Options by Settings > Device Options > Tap on Serial Number several times > You are now Developer
  • Enable the USB Debugging on Setttings > Device Options > Developer Options > Enable ADB > Tap on toggle > Enable
  • Connect the Tablet to a Linux PC with installed „android-tools-adb“ on Win use Adb-Tools-Package from Google
  • Open a Terminal enter

Fire OS 5.0.x:

adb shell
pm hide
adb reboot

Fire OS 5.1.x+

adb shell
pm clear
pm hide
adb reboot

After reboot test the Tablet, the ads should be gone..
Remark: if you remove the Account you don’t need this workaround, and if the account is removed and you try to login later the ads are displayed again. The Tablet is yours!

Update: Since Firmware update to 5.3.X the Amaz Developers seems to run a cronjob which enable the Ads again after some time! Try to block from calling home the Tablet via your Home Router Outgoing Firewall! Or if you use a DNS Server set the amazon update domains to at the DNS Server Hosts File. Then the Tablet isnt able to pull commands and force ota Updates!

Block this Domains (or disable all Internet on the Kids-Rules of Firewalls):