Openmips: Upgrade Gigablue Firmware Failure Boot Freeze Enigma

If you own a Gigablue TV Box ( Gigablue UE 800 2 Tuner DVB-S + DVB-C for example) a reboot on Firmware 4.2 can lookup the box to factory reset. This did my box too.

I decided to upgrade the Firmware from openmips 4.2 to current 5.4. But you ran into some bugs, like freezes on Firmware flashes! Hang on Reboot, or boot after Flash into old Firmware.

I found some Workarounds to fix (I have a gigabue with 2 Tuners inside and a HDD)

  • To upgrade you need 3 USB Sticks 4GB FAT32 formated
  • Go to the official Downloadpage and download the Firmware for your Model current Version 5.4 openmips!
  • Extract this Zip File to one Stick (Folder gigablue)
  • If you have never updated the box, last 12 month, search on openmips-page for the last “Bootloader Zip file”
  • Extract it to the other usb stick with Folder “gigablue” too. (check subfolders and files do not change folder tree, cause the root path is gigablue where the bios looks!

Firmware Opemmips go:

Bootloader Openmips go:

Now let’s upgrade..

  • Plugin the USB Stick with the last Boot Loader, Power off and on the Box by switching the PSU Switch, PRESS + HOLD OK BUTTON if the old Loader Shows Revision Number on Display “15XX” then the Bios starts flashing the new Loader and Reboots after 1-2 Minutes without any work by YOU!! On newer models Press + Hold OK, then the Screen Shows PRESS POWER Button to Flash! (Bootloader 16XX Handling)
  • After this Reboot, Power off, and change the USB Sticks and do the same work again, but to Flash NOW the “Openmips OS” with enigma2.
  • If this is successful the Box reboot again, but now into Opemmips 5.4 (Blue/White Logo instead Red/White)
  • Change on a TV the Settings, HDMI Output, Language, Network Wifi, Satellite LNB and start Channel Auto Search
  • Go to System -> Software and add your wanted Plugins like “Openwebif” Web Interface and “EPG-Refresh” (AUTO Update Channel Lists)
  • Test the box and do A “Full Image Backup” to a empty USB STICK!!
  • Power down the Box and Plugin HDD and 2nd. Tuner Cards, Power on and Test again
  • Do a FULL IMAGE BACKUP by the Interface to HDD (/media/hdd) too.

be happy and start recording your TV Sessions ..



Raspberry Pi: Raspian disadvantages of embedded OS

The last 12 month have been a “golden” time of the upcomming embedded linux devices, but the custom OS’s offers some problems, you should know for projects:

  • embedded PC’s like the ARM based pi2 / pi3 uses a own compiled OS
  • not every known debian package is available
  • not all compile scripts to rebuild are available on git
  • slow performance can let you run into unuseable problems (heat, load, I/O), correct written scripts run into freezes without any error made by you!
  • you should take time for a closer look at buying them
  • calc the costs of non-x86 systems, later you cant often upgrade, cause embedded systems are not made for
  • dealers take too much money for less performance!
  • embedded devices can’t be grown up for additional precs like compression based on chips!
  • embedded devices need less energy, but can hangup by load over 65%, cause no cooling
  • the are made for learning and small control jobs
  • for NAS / Server jobs take x86 m-atx / micro-atx, cause you can access easy full debian packages
  • not all python + libs packages are available to run projects (example: acd_cli amazon cloud nas backup)
  • current embedded pc livetime at multimedia usage may be 24month cause to much and faster changes

May be that the arm os package trees may grow up, then we can talk again, but current x86 is the cheapest way to build systems without stress! And you have always the reserve to buildin new things of hardware..