Android: Remove builtin Bloatware without hacking rooting or root-firmware

Last Weeks i got a new Smartphone, it offered 8GB Rom for OS and Apps. Iam not a real fan of rooting, cause i didnt write/change the firmware, i found a other way to tune the System:

Amazon Kindle Fire 2015 Ford

  • Dont insert a SIM CARD!
  • After first Boot DONT CREATE a Google Account!
  • Then go i to Apps Manager at Settings and try to disable all unwanted Apps! By default the Manufacterer install a very small and Basic App-Links which is updated later by the Playstore to a newer and much bigger one! Most Apps are min 50%-80% bigger than the factory Apps.
  • The disabling Apps can boost your Boot too, cause the android scan and load all apps into a ROM-CACHE! in historical usage! If Apps often hangup this CACHE must be cleaned by Rescue Boot! (Pressing and hold Power On and Volume Up Button, later a Menu appear to clean the ROM Cache!!)
  • Try to look for Mobile Pages of the wanted Apps mostly they are same like the Apps but does not scan/track YOUR DATA on the ROM Drive
  • If you use more Android Devices, try to use one for download via the Playstore, backups the APK-Files to SDCARD and install the apps manual to the other phones WITHOUT PLAYSTORE connect!
  • If you use a 4GB ROM Model install a second 16GB SDCARD to move or link all Apps + APKs + Files + Photos on the SDCARD!
  • Under pressing on the “Android Build Number” more than 7 touches!! You can enter Developer Mode where you can disable Settings like Display alway active at load and other useful settings like disable Window Animation
  • Later reboot the device and test all settings!


  • Unknown Root Firmwares could break your Security!! Be Careful!
  • If rooted do NEVER use Logins for buy platforms or banks!

Facebook: Use Socialmedia without App Install Safe Battery Lifetime

If you use facebook and the facebook-messenger try to remove these apps cause they alway scan YOUR DEVICE permanent for NEW Files and watch for YOUR updated DATA. These Apps CREATE Indexes and upload this to the dark Facebook Cloud Servers.  This kills your battery capacitiy!! mostly 50% of online time!! and destroy’s your PRIVACY! and blow up your ROM at your Mobile Device


  • Use a small browser like builtin webview of Android or firefox
  • Enter to connect yourself to the fb-network
  • This saves much energy and you are NOT permanent scanned!!

Try and test it one week, i did with two identical phones and was impressed about the results


Fritzbox: Freezing Wifi if USB 3.0 is used

Today i was touched by a Bug of my fritzbox 7490, after installing a USB 3.0 Stick as NAS the Wifi connect was broken to all devices!

After some search on net i found this post:

The high magnetic frequency’s of USB 3.0 data transfer inside the cable or stick hangup the WIFI chips! It works like a WIFI JAMMER!!

DONT USE A ROUTER AS NAS! If it fails or overheat all devices are offline!! It’s a really big joke that most Manufacter sell devices without TESTING!! I call it Banana Hardware..