Automount Problem USB HDD Ubuntu Nautilus

Problem: If you use a USB HDD Disk at you Ubuntu PC and Nautilus does not Automount the disk then check the USB-HDD for “Bootable” Flag


  1. open console
  2. run
    #sudo fdisk /dev/sdX
  3. enter
    to check
  4. if no star is set for “bootable”
  5. then enter
    (set)and enter
  6. replug the USB-Disk
  7. now after some time the USB-Disk must be connected by Nautilus
  8. mail me for problems…thanks

Samba Server Browsing Problem Samba Server sporadically hidden

Problem: Inside a Laboratory Farm of 5 Samba Servers sometimes one or more Servers are sporadically hidden at Windows XP Client Neighbourhood (Netzwerkumgebung), but they are still sharing the files and are still online. Or XP Clients hangs up at browsing the Local Network for some minutes.


  1. Open
    with Editor
  2. set domain master = No
  3. set local master = YES
  4. set preferred master = No
  5. restart samba service with
     /etc/init.d/samba restart

Background: The nmbd service is browsing at your network and if he find the option domain master he will ignore the information of the other server (data communication corruption Port 137)