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Lost Weight for free??..easy..if you really want…

Von , Donnerstag, September 23, 2010

Easy Steps to lost body weight for FREE!:

- If you get fat on 5 Years you have to reduce 5 Years!
- don’t buy any Sweets, Home must be a sweet free Location!
- buy local Fruits, no exotic Fruits cause hidden poisons!
- Meals with Meat one time a week
- Fish (low fat) two times a week
- Potatoes with sour cream and Herbal sometimes
- fresh Vegetables (cooked is better)
- Buy and Eat rye bread, never white breads
- Do never buy Meals ready to eat!
- Do never use sauces from industrial
- Know ever industrial meal is made with hidden Sugar up to 70%
- Read values of meal boxes, low fat often uses high value of Sugar!
- If you have Family/Relationship they should support you daily
with words or outdoor walking..

If you like:
- Daily 30-60 Minutes low walking
- make ten exercises daily on every Sport like Situps, not more
- create you own Sport Plan start with easy exercises
- every outdoor Walk help your Heart!

Example Plan Daily:
- 30 Min Walking/Jogging
At Morning and Evening:
with 1KG Weight on each Hand = take a 1L-1,5L Bottle Water as Weight
- 10 Situps
- 10 Lifting over Head
- 10 Lifting in Front of you
- 10 Lifting beside you
- 10 Lifting behind you
- walk 10 Steps on stairs

Repeat it on every free time! Office-Pauses?

I lost 17KG from Christmas to Easter without Sports cause it was too
cold outside. If you feel down drink white Coffee for circular flow support at Day,
Herbal-Tea at evenings. This will help..


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