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Linux Tip: Split Console Screen on Widescreen Laptop / PCs with “screen” and “terminator”

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Von , Sonntag, Juli 14, 2013

Current Laptops / PCs uses 16:9 Widescreen Displays and if you dont want to use Xorg (Gnome,unity,Openbox Desktops)

you can use on Linux Console the program called “screen” it offers:

- Split Consoles horizontally and vertically
- disconnect the screen and let the scripts/commands active on remote Systems
- reconnect if the remote Session was broken cause network prolblems

On Gnome or unity you can use “terminator”



- manpage of screen
- http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/7453/how-to-split-the-terminal-into-more-than-one-view

Linux Info: UEFI + GPT + Secure Boot = Dongled OS = Printing Dollars

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Von , Sonntag, Juli 14, 2013

UEFI+GPT+dongled OS = Printing endles Dollars for PC Manufacter and  M$.


UEFI was offered for “security reasons” but in my opinion the normal users should be prevented by this “UEFI LOCK” to use Dual Boot or remove Windows on owned hardware, in cases of Mainboard failures the Users are forced to buy new Mainboards with OS-Key. Legacy Mode on Bios will disappear in the next generation of PCs than every OS is “dongled” to Hardware like MacOS to their Products…


Linux: 46″ inch Weatherstation Display with FSC S500 Thinclient PC and Linux OS connected via DVI-D to HDMI Cable

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Von , Samstag, Juni 22, 2013

With Tiny Core Linux: 46″ inch Weatherstation Display with FSC S500 Thinclient PC and Linux OS connected via DVI-D to HDMI Cable

Awesome to see Satellite Images in HDTV Resolution and Full Color all developed by me. www.linuxonlinehelp.de
YOU NEED NOT to buy a “SmartTV” of Samsung cause the Thinchlient uses open Linux and offers 300% more Performance on Websurfing! No Apps needed no App-Store needed, priceless for free…

All You need:
- TV with Full HD and HDMI
- A DVI-D to HDMI Adapter Cable
- ThinClient S500 cheap used on net
- Linux, i prefer Tinycorelinux cause 100% on RAM
- wireless Mouse and Keyboard
- low profile Wireless Card with PCI-32bit RiserCard
..and some time..

Linux Weatherstation Display

Linux: A 46″ inch Weatherstation Display with FSC S500 Thinclient PC and Linux OS connected via DVI-D to HDMI Cable

Hardware Tip: “Null Euro” entkoppelte Festplatte (“Zero Dollar” Hard Drive acoustic decoupling)

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Von , Mittwoch, September 12, 2012


  • Festplatten brummen in PC Gehaeuse, Schwingungen werden uebertragen.
  • Harddrive rotations transmitted by case parts and acousitc boosted up
  • Professionelle Produkte zum entkoppeln kosten bis 30 Euro.
  • Professional Parts must be paid up to 40 Dollars/Drive

Lösung:  “Null Euro” Lösung – “Zero Dollar” Solution

  • Festplatten im 5.25 Zoll Laufwerk auf Einmachgummis haengen
  • Harddrives mounted on grommets of old botteling jars
Entkoppelte Festplatte Silent Harddrive Low Cost Solution

Entkoppelte Festplatte Silent Harddrive Low Cost Solution

Linux FreeBSD: Protect your Disc Data against power loss

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Von , Mittwoch, Juni 6, 2012

Problem: If you use IDE or SATA Disc Drives inside your Workstation or Server without a additional uninterruppted power supply after a power loss your Disc Drives can lose data, do not boot clean up agian or damage the drive headers and sectors.

Background: SATA or IDE Drives uses “Disc Cached Controllers”, the count of this disc cache reach from 8 to 64 megabytes. In case of data write to disc, the disc controllers do cache some data who are often used. A Raid 1 Disc Mirror is affected too by this problem. SCSI od SAS are not using Cache by default.


Install the software tool called hdparm to set the cache parameters to disabled, cause most of operating systems have enabled by default.

  1. at Debian/ubuntu do : # sudo aptitude install hdparm
  2. at Centos/Redhat do:  #sudo yum install hdparm

now lets show discs which are installed:

  1. at Debian/ubuntu do: # sudo fdisk -l
  2. at Centos/Redhat do: #sudo  /sbin/sfdisk -l
  3. at FreeBSD do: # fdisk -l

yet lets take settings to disable the cache on every boot:

  1. at all linux do: sudo nano /etc/rc.local
  2. insert for every drive hdarm -W 0 /dev/sdX (X is for a to …)
  3. at FreeBSD  do : #vi /etc/loader.conf
  4. insert once for all drives  hw.ata.wc="0"


  1. If you have two drives with same physical size inside your PC config a mdadm Software Raid 1 additional on your System.
  2. Set the PC Bios Settings to auto boot ofter power failure and plug off the power on you testing System, check the results. There should not be needed a check disk called fsck after the Test, but its better to do it.
  3. Hardware Raid Controllers do often have RAM Cache too, size 128MB up to 2GB, at power loss these Data lost, this can only be surpressed by a addtition RAM Cache Backup Battery connected to the Hardware Raid Controller


GDM3: Change Wallpaper Change background color Speed up GDM3 after boot

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Von , Dienstag, Oktober 18, 2011

Problem: By default Debian with GDM3 is slow on older Hardware like Laptops or PCs with small Graphic Card

Background: GDM3 shows Images at size 800×600 an zooms up to Screen Size, this burns speed.

edit gdm3-theme config
sudo nano /usr/share/gdm/greeter-config/20_debian
and change to

#Use a specific background
#/desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename /..path #to wallpaper
#/desktop/gnome/background/picture_options zoom #zoom
/desktop/gnome/background/primary_color #357DAA # color Win2000

# Theming options
#/desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_theme Clearlooks

# Greeter options
#/apps/gdm/simple-greeter/logo_icon_name debian-swirl

# Play system beeps - especially the one when the greeter is ready
#/desktop/gnome/sound/event_sounds true

# Some other possible options
#/apps/gdm/simple-greeter/banner_message_enable true
#/apps/gdm/simple-greeter/banner_message_text Welcome
#/apps/gdm/simple-greeter/disable_restart_buttons false
#/apps/gdm/simple-greeter/disable_user_list false

# The lower panel doesn't work with the compositor
/apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager false

# Prevent the power management icon from showing up
/apps/gnome-power-manager/ui/icon_policy never

reboot and enjoy…

Additional Info:

  • Install “metacity” window manager its needed by gdm3 too on openbox or LXDE Desktops
  • If “desktop-base” is not installed the gdm3 background is shown lime green then create a empty file named
  • sudo nano /usr/share/gdm/greeter-config/10_desktop-base

Private Internet Radio Station at your whole Home Area with Linux ++CHEAP++LOWCOST++

Von , Donnerstag, September 23, 2010

If you want to listen your loved Internet Radio (i like Country-FM)
at your Home you can buy a high priced Internet Radio, but you
don’t need it.

“LineX FM Transmitter China” is a battery powered is the “BEST”
FM Transmitter who can transmit up to 8 different radio
frequency’s and do have perfect very CLEAR Sound!!

I take a cheap LineX FM Transmitter plug it into my old
Ubuntu Laptop open VLC Media Player (preactivated Shoutcast Radio at
VLC settings) and on ever old FM Radio at my Home i can listen my
private Radio. Try to use LineX and the Laptop at the upper
loft if you have cause FM Frequency needs high points to reach all
of your Radios.


Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 Review Workstation: Phenom X6 1090T

Von , Donnerstag, September 23, 2010

Today i got new parts for my workstation:

- Phenom X6 1090T
- Asus M4N75TD AM3
- 8GB RAM 1333Mhz from Kingston 4x 2GB Kingston HyperX
- Graphic Card Nvidia 8400GS Low Noise (fanless)

runs well as low noise workstation!
tests following…

Board works on:
- FreeBSD 8.0 (nforce 750)
- Debian Lenny 5.0 AMD64
- Ubuntu 10.04
- Centos 5.4 / SME Server 8.0beta5

works NOT: cause nforce SATA chip not recognized! by setup CD
- Centos 4/5
- Redhat
- FreeBSD 7

Powerconsumption as Server 130Watt/h without DVD and Graphiccard 103Watt/h with 6 Cores at 3600Mhz
Temp 32 degrees Idle most not over 45degrees CPU usage

Case 20Euro
Parts 720Euro
www.mindfactory.de fast Reseller, fast shipping..

Change easy to Linux with the Linux-Installer for Windows

Von , Donnerstag, September 23, 2010



Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx : Win Classic Theme with Openbox (LXDE)

Von , Donnerstag, September 23, 2010

ubuntu openbox win classic desktop

For older an small Desktops you can install ubuntu with LXDE

- install Win7-like Theme for folders
- change Menu Button “start”
- change Wallpaper to Classic Blue
- Window Frame Theme called “redmond openbox”
you need only some time..

and you get a very fast light Desktop!

WICD Network Manager crashes on Debian Lenny

Von , Dienstag, Juni 30, 2009

Problem: If you have installed a mini Setup with LXDE or IceWM Deskop at your Laptop WICD can’t be opened and
crash at a half second.


  1. Login as root (temp) sudo -s
  2. adduser username netdev
  3. relogin as User into Desktop and use Wifi-LAN
  4. if not works check /etc/wicd files for correct interface

Cebit 2009 Knoppix 6 Live CD LXDE Desktop Super fast

Von , Montag, März 2, 2009

To the Cebit 2009 Mr. Knopper published the new Knoppix CD Version 6

Download here ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/knoppix/

***Update: To boot without 3D-Desktop Compiz on older PCs enter at Bootline:
#knoppix no3d


  1. Super Fast Dektop LXDE
  2. Compiz Animated Windows like Windows 7
  3. Wlan WPA/WPA2 out of the Box
  4. Install to RAM
  5. Install to Flashdisk
  6. Install to Hdd
  7. Can be remasterd
  8. Firefox with Scriptblocking
  9. Openoffice installed
  10. ..easy to handle..Perfect..!!!
Lxde Desktop

Lxde Desktop

Lxde Windows

Lxde Windows

Legitimes Gegenmittel Bundestrojaner BKA Gesetz Antihacking Antitrojan Online Security

Von , Freitag, November 14, 2008

Aus aktuellen Anlass zu Ihrem Schutz folgende Sicherheitstipps:

  1. Gegenmittel Bundestrojaner
  2. Sicheres Telefon
  3. Sichere Kreditkarte

Unterlagen als PDF Datei Handbuch Hier-Download-Server

NASA Television Weltall Space TV fuer Kinder

Von , Sonntag, März 30, 2008

Fuer Kinder und Jugendliche ein taegliches Highlight im Internet. Source
Windows Mediaplayer / Linux VLC Player


A daily highlight on the Internet for kids watch Nasa-TV

Ausfallsicheres Internet Telefon Failover VOIP Phone Solution

Von , Sonntag, Dezember 9, 2007


  1. Wenn Sie sich heute einen DSL Anschluss mit einem Router kaufen und das Internet Telefon nutzen, besteht das Problem, dass Sie bei einem Stromausfall niemanden anrufen koennen.


  1. Die Firma APC (www.apc.com) verkauft in Europa eine Mini USV fuer ca. 100€ mit dieser koennen Sie den Router und den Telefonapparat fuer Stunden mit Strom versorgen


  1. If you use a DSL router with VOIP Phone at home and the power fails you can’t make calls to someone to get help


  1. The manufacter www.apc.com sales cheap micro USV Boxes, which are able to spend the energy for a lot of hours, for your router and phone. Then you are able to call for help if your city fails to serve your home with energy. Costs in Germany 100€

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